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Got Questions ?

When should the delay spray be applied?

Apply the spray 10-15 minutes before the act.

How much delay spray should I apply?

For most people, 3-4 sprays would be enough. If desensitizing doesn't happen within 10 minutes, use more.

Are there any side effects of this lidocaine spray?

ENDURE is generally safe and has no systemic effects. However, the numbing effect from using this delay spray will last for 1-3 hours after the act.

Will this delay spray harm the other partner?

This Lidocaine spray is completely absorbed and does not transfer to the partner. To be more safe, it is recommended to wash or wipe the spray, 10-15 mins after application, to avoid any residue transfer.

Will this delay spray for men come in a discreet package?

Yes. This comes in a box with the bottle inside the carton. The box doesn't mention anything about the spray.

Can I use this product while I'm trying to conceive?

Yes, you can. However since each body is different, we'd suggest talking to your doctor before using this for conceiving.

When should one apply the delay spray?

You can apply Lidocaine Spray for Men while your area is flaccid.

How long after applying the delay spray will the numbing effect last?

  • Alcohol Free

  • Gentle on Skin

  • No side effect

  • No burning or itching